eSCAD – An Eclipse OpenSCAD editor

eSCAD is an Eclipse editor for OpenSCAD .scad files.


  • Auto indenting, formatting, syntax highlighting, find/replace, etc all the usual Eclipse editor functionality
  • Content-assist (aka Auto Complete) for user defined modules, variable and built-in OpenSCAD functions
  • Able to reference modules and variable that are in other .scad files through includes (i.e. the editor will know about modules/variables you have declared in other files)
  • Refactoring/renaming across files when files are inside of a project
  • Modules in the outline view


  1. In Eclipse, goto Help->Install New Software
  2. Click Add, in the Location field put:, in Name field put “eSCAD” or such.  Click OK
  3. You should see “eSCAD” and the eSCAD Editor show up, check the box and click next
  4. Accept License, etc (you will see a dialog about certificates and such, this is because I am currently self-signing the jar).
  • If after step 3 you receive an error stating “requires bundle org.eclipse.xtext.* but it could not be found” then you need to add the Xtext repository.  To do this go to Help->Install New Software, Click Add set Location:, Name: Xtext, then click Ok.  Proceed from step 3 again.


  • You should be able to open any .scad file and just go ahead and work (I suggest you open OpenSCAD for preview and set it to auto-reload/compile like others have suggested)
  • If you put files into a project, you need to make sure you project paths are set correctly otherwise include paths may not be followed correctly.


This is early days for the plugin and there are several features missing such as:
  • Not all OpenSCAD functions are implemented (doing them as I go)
  • There are probably various bugs in the grammar
If people feel this is useful, i’m thinking of:
  • Adding templates for content assist (aka, auto-complete module/function signatures)
  • Validations on syntax
  • Putting it into the core Eclipse repository

Any comments/questions/bugs/requests are appreciated.


  1. Jelle says:

    Hi there,

    did your server for this drop offline, does not seem to be in dns? Or did you move it to another location and forgot to mention that in the article?

    • patricklie says:

      Hi Jelle,

      Nothing has changed, I see the record on a variety of DNS servers. Please try again, you can try to use Google’s DNS ( if you still cannot resolve


  2. Edward Harding says:

    Great work – really appreciate it. Couple of points

    1) The syntax verification currently doesn’t handle default module parameters

    2) I can see ‘Templates’ being available in the editor specification – can I invoke them? (Ctrl-Space seems to present a list of known modules)

    Thanks for the hard work.


    • patricklie says:

      Thanks for your feedback, other work has been a higher priority for a while, but I will add this to the list of improvements needed. No templates for now.

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